Friday, July 18, 2008

Packing for Camp

It's that time again. Zachary is packing for his month long trip to Camp Becket, a fabulous camp in the Berkshires. He loves it, he goes for a whole month- did I mention it's a month?- and no, there are no shorter sessions.

A month it is.

Except for first time campers who are 8 or 9 years old, they get to go for two weeks. Guess who is going for his first trip to overnight camp for two weeks? That would be Jake.

We have two trunks in the middle of the back room floor, piles of pants, shoes, laundry bags, watermelon flavored toothpaste and blueberry scented shampoo.

Better not be any bears out there, I said to Zachary who chose the berry scent.

Mom... they've only had ONE bear ONCE.

Just sayin'

Jake has been running around saying he was very "excited." He loves his new toothbrush, his new rain boots and bathing suit he picked out. Not to mention a way cool new digital watch.

I want to cry. My babies are going away. Zachary turns 11 while out at camp, and Jake is only 8 years old. They are too young, too little and they need their mommy.

I know, I know, balderdash. I need my babies, they are perfectly fine without me. They will grow and flourish and learn new things and develop a confidence that makes my heart burst with pride.

Another mom, her first year, called me. You mean it doesn't get easier?

Nope. Still makes me cry.

A few more things to pick up- batteries and the self addressed stamped envelopes to write home with that are never used- and they'll be ready for their adventure.

For a month.

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Blogger Ms. Moon said...

I always packed already-written letters for my kids when they went to camp so that when I left them (boo-hoo, I LEFT them) they would have something to open and read.
And you know what? They all saved those letters and all the others I wrote them while they were away. And of course, I saved the ones they wrote me.
They'll be fine. You'll be fine.
And you know that, but it's still hard.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Sue J said...

"Balderdash"? Is this language a holdover from your Amish days?

Well, then Get thee some postcards!

That's what I sent from camp -- that way I could stay in touch without having to write much more than "I'm fine, having fun. Miss you."

5:51 PM  
Anonymous donald said...

how lonely the house is going to be for the first couple days. they will be fine and you will adjust. before you know it, they will be back with all the laundry!!

mary and bob loved your place. they were only sorry you weren't there for their visit.

second set of solar panels and the charge regulator arrived this morning. will try and get it all hooked up before allan leaves. not sure i want to be crawling around the roof with no one around.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

When I was Zachary's age, I was a lifer. Like 8 weeks. Every time my parents came up on visitors' day, I'd beg them to let me stay and they did.

Do check the letters when they come. They wouldn't let us into the dining hall without letters. My parents had already addressed and stamped the envelopes, not unlike someone I know. one year my letter to my grandma was a blank piece of paper.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Suzy said...

At least you started young, swim camp was the first time sara had been away from home that long by herself. Dropping her off was hard. And I missed her even though it was nice that I didn't have to worry where she was for 6 wonderful nights. And sean when he went to camp I went with him. I am going to miss summer camp this year.

But they make good memories and when they get home you missed them so much you forget what a pain in the butt they really are. I hear that bliss lasts about 2 days lol.

And sending the one to college in August....................

8:05 AM  

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