Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Massachusetts: What's Next?

I know I haven't written in a while- I had to wait until I had something good to say. Something positive. Hopeful.

No negative Nancy comments.

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting in a conference room for the last two days with some colleagues, interviewing candidates to be the next Executive Director of Mass Equality. While much weight is on our shoulders to do the right thing, to find the best fit, to move forward in the most powerful way, we have some amazing people applying for the job.

It was also big fun with my fellow board members.

Over and over, history was mentioned. It is easy to live in Massachusetts, to sit at a table with two of the plaintiffs from THE CASE you know very well, and forget what was accomplished.

We have marriage equality. We were the first in this country. After we win inclusive civil rights for gender identity and gender expression- and not until then- we will be the first state in the country with all the boxes checked.

Then what?

Does hate disappear? Will kids not be bullied? Will LGBT seniors be dealt with sensitivity and awareness? Will trans people not get fired?

No. We know better. Connecticut decided to close it's equality organization after they won marriage. In Massachusetts, marriage is but a single step in a long march. We are keenly aware that the entire country is turning to us, the birthplace of the Revolution, and asking... what next?

All I can say now is... hold onto your hats, the ride is no where near over.