Monday, April 11, 2011

No Comfort Zone

A friend went to the Chihuly exhibit this weekend and sent me a photo with the caption, "Don't touch."

Indeed. No touching the Chihuly.

I have always loved modern and abstract art. It comes from having been raised around my mother's collection of some of the strangest things. Like a giant photo of xrays of irises. Very ... interesting.

What I realize I look for are patterns in the absolute definition of none.

Funny, because I rarely see them in my own life. Part of what I've been holding is a new awareness of patterns. Seems I have done a very good job of weaving the familiar, regardless of it's effectiveness, into my life.

People do tend to the comfort zone, and I am no different. But why, when the comfort zone ain't so comfortable?

I am going to the Chihuly exhibit here in Boston this weekend. I will ooo and ahhh.

And I will look for patterns.


Anonymous donald said...

wish i knew the exhibit was in boston, would have gone while i was down there. oh well, will just have to enjoy looking and yours and walters.

3:39 AM  

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