Monday, January 01, 2007

And the Tree Came Tumbling Down...

I was writing on the plane, deep, thoughtful statements about resolutions for the New Year. Ways I wanted to start fresh, begin again, move forward.

I was going to finish it when I got home tonight.

Sometimes, the best made plans... ah, you know the quote.

Seems our kitty, Sophia the wonder cat, realized we had instituted a new family policy in San Francisco. Not only do you get fined a dollar for swear words, you get fined a dollar for being a "Negative Nancy."

Yup. I think the new rule is specifically aimed at Walter and me- mainly because we say it like it is but WHATEVER.

No, I mean, I think it's a fabulous new family policy aimed at supporting the "Positive Polly" in all of us.

So, the cat wasn't naughty, she was just trying to help. She wasn't angry we were gone for so long, she was simply pitching in the best way she knew how. I do always insist the tree comes down on New Years Day. Sophia made it happen for me.

And now, I have to go throw in another load of laundry. As I open the single suitcase Jeanine packed all of the dirty socks and underwear into, I'll hold my breath a moment and remember the sweet San Francisco air.

No "Negative Nancy" dollars for me.

Believe me, my potty mouth is going to make me poor enough.


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