Thursday, December 28, 2006

Golden Gate Park

I was a little tired and cranky this morning. I did not want to get out of bed. I did not want to walk around and shop. I get overwhelmed with too many decisions and wanting to make sure everyone is happy. Jeanine said, stay. Rest a while. Take a break. I know. You're not good at this.

I'm not.

Today started a little slower. We went to Golden Gate Park. No more sitting in the car, the boys all chanted. So we took them where they could run.

Walter, Allan and I went into look at flowers. Jeanine stayed outside and let the boys run like mad.

The boys ran and ran. We gazed. We all walked down to the Japanese Tea Garden.

A couple pit stops on the way. Hills to be rolled down. I turned to Jeanine and said, I simply have to let the grass stains go, don't I?

Yes, you do, she said. And she slipped her arm through mine. The sun was warm and the moment rich. I am often the one to reach out, take her hand, pull her close. It was nice to feel pursued. Wanted.

By Tea Garden time, some were tired- okay, I was tired- and ready to go back. Others ready to move on. Some very reflective of the atmosphere.

Tonight, dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the Castro- special twist of all the waitresses are men in drag. We haven't told the kids yet. We want to know if they'll even notice.

I'm blessed with a great family. Even when I'm tired and cranky.


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