Saturday, December 30, 2006

Best Burgers

Another beautiful day.

A trip on the cable car to start, we headed for the tourist mecca.

We headed out to Alcatraz. I can't explain why I love old buildings, military monuments and army forts but I do. I guess growing up with southern relatives who insisted on taking us to every Civil War battlefield made me want to see something other than an empty field of grass. And a taste for history.

Jake asked me if there were any bad guys out there now. Any robbers, Mom?

Nope, just ghosts, I said.



There are no such things, Ben said.

Allan and I shrugged. Depends on what you believe.

I managed to stay out of lock up this time. The boys would not go into the solitary confinement cells. I don't know why. They had not been particulary naughty.

We had to go see the sea lions on Pier 39. This picture is the same pose I took of the boys five years ago when we came here.

And then onto the best fast food burgers, only found on the West Coast.

I mean, the best burgers. Get a Double Double, no onion. Onions ruin the nuance of the rest of the burger flavor. You lose the fresh ground beef. The special sauce.

I'm telling you, no onions. Trust me.

It was a long walk from Pier 39 to the In-N-Out burger stand.

Can't I have a hot dog? Zachary asked as we passed a stand on the way.

Nope. Trust me. It's worth the walk.

What about a corn dog? Ben asked.

You can get corn dogs in Boston. Better ones. Trust me. It's worth the wait.

Are we there yet? Jake hoped.


Burgers consumed. The kids watched in awe as they saw the guy cutting fresh potatoes to make the fries.

Was it worth the wait? I asked.

Oh yeah.

You have to trust me when it comes to food, I said.

Well, Ben said, you have to trust me when it comes to music. And movies. And video games.

Tonight, dinner out in suits and ties.

Jake fell asleep at the table last night. Not before trying potato pillows with caviar and crème fraise. We'll see if he makes it tonight. Ever the adventurous eater, it's sad when he can't stay away for his main course.

Only one more full day till we head home.


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