Thursday, March 15, 2007

Laundry Lessons

Never insult the Laundry Fraü.

I am the Laundry Fraü. Ben went off this morning on the lack of clean laundry. He had, after all, brought his laundry basket down on Tuesday. It was Thursday. He had no clean clothes.

You’re not doing your job, he huffed at me.

We talk a lot about jobs around the house, how we all have jobs and they need to get done. I am not, however, used to having an eleven year old evaluate my performance.

Watch it, I said. I wanted to say something else.

I walked away.

Allan said to me a few weeks ago, there is no reason why the boys can’t help with the laundry. Jake can bring it down. Zachary knows how to sort and put it in the washer (he does this at their house). Ben can learn how to fold.

I already have them put their own things away.

After Ben’s comment this morning? He just added a new job to his list. I’m retiring.

Like I said, Never ever insult the Laundry Fraü.