Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Poor Jake threw up all day yesterday- his birthday, but has rebounded for early morning candy and peeps.

We spend Easter at Walter and Allan’s house. Everyone sleeps over. In the morning, there is an egg hunt, egg races (a fresh egg balanced on a spoon, running back and forth) and of course, the favorite parade in Allan’s car, all the kids piled out of the sunroof, shouting, honking the horn.

The old neighbors still come back with their two kids.

Last night, as Walter tucked in Ben and Zachary, sleeping on the pull out couch in the living room. With an ominous tone, he warned, watch out for the Easter bunny peeking in the window.

The older boys do not believe in the Easter bunny anymore.

That’s kind of creepy, Zachary said.

Yeah, Walter said.

He told me this morning and shrugged. If they don’t believe in the sweet Easter bunny, let’s crank it up a notch.

Chucky the Easter bunny.


And they made me watch the Ten Commandments last night. I admitted to never having watched it.

I was raised by an atheist, I said. I saw the Wizard of Oz about a hundred times.

You have to see the red sea part. How can you have not seen this movie? They kept me up half the night to see the stupid red sea part.

Not impressed.

I’m a non-believer of the whole Jesus story. Nice story, don’t believe for one second it happened. Love the pagan part, the eggs, the celebration of renewal. Jeanine has always insisted we celebrate Easter. I think it’s because she loves to eat peeps for breakfast one day a year.

Yikes again.

Happy Easter.


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