Friday, July 13, 2007

SuburbLezMom Kicks Butt


HRC listened.

Gravel is being invited.

Seems the “enthusiastic response of the community” made them change their mind.

I witnessed, from within as a lesbian blogger, that the blogs had serious impact. Mind you, I am an old, old person and never in a million years did I think I would be a blogger. When I finally became one, I never in a million years thought it would have much impact, if any.

HRC has invited Gravel. The news of his snub went from Gravel’s blog on Huffington Post to every GLBT blog list I have ever read and the pressure was on.

HRC is a powerful, important group with a strong voice on Capital Hill. When I think of them, I think of something a very powerful Massachusetts political activist said to me long ago about groups like ACT UP.

When I walk into a senator or rep’s office, and I’m in a business suit and there are activists throwing blood in the state house chamber… I look completely normal. You have to push hard on the edges to make the middle be… me. Lesbian in straight drag.

While the two of us don’t always agree on strategy- I’m more of the throwing blood kinda gal- I know every voice in essential in a democracy.

Especially a democracy as fucked up as ours where special interest dollars have completely hijacked the system.

I know HRC is important. I know fighting within our own community is not helpful. But the HRC is the "Gap" and the blogger community is... well... ACT UP.

But you know, I’m sitting here and realizing the hundreds of thousands- yes, hundreds of thousands- of people who read Huffington Post everyday actually makes an impact by simply pointing and clicking.

I’m a little stunned today. Honored PageOneQ quoted me-

And I’ll say it again on my own blog… Clinton, Obama and all the frontrunners, be clear, there is a new voice in town. A blogger’s voice. We want to kick the Republican’s butts, we want to take back our government and we are not willing to accept crumbs. We are going to push you hard for real answers to our issues. We want gay marriage, we want abortion rights, we want to get out of Iraq and… and… and…

There are a lot of things we want. We are not one-dimensional. We come in every color, shape and size. We’ve been denied a voice for so long and this beautiful thing coming of age, the blog, is giving us a new form of political access.

Even a suburban lesbian housewife…


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