Friday, November 30, 2007

Breast Cancer Blog

I don't often rave about another person's blog because... well... everything is about me.

But this is one that is so well done, it's funny and stings all at once. It's not a light topic- it's about breast cancer, surviving it, and the process of going through each stage. If you've been through cancer, or had a friend go through it, I highly recommend reading it.

Laura Zigman is a grown up writer, with real books published and also happens to be a mom of one of Jake's friends. She is the person Jake told me to take some writing lessons from because, after all, she has written real books, as opposed to a silly ol' blog.

Yes, that is a narcissistic injury I'm still nursing.

Please go visit the site:

And her regular blog is now listed on the sidebar. Sorry. Not blog. Brant.


Anonymous Emily said...

Shall I get some of these writings?

7:39 AM  

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