Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Night

It's the last day of vacation.

Sunday night. I have a stew simmering- duck confit pozole. A fire burning.

I am so tired.

I shouldn't be. It's not like the children are small and need to be monitored every minute. Doing laundry, grocery shopping and creating a DVD of pictures from the year for Nana's Christmas present- shhh, don't tell her- are not exhausting jobs.

But I am wiped out, nonetheless.

Maybe it's looking forward- the week after Thanksgiving signals the start of a host of events and parties. I love to do all of them, the preparation as much fun as the gathering. I have to line up guest bloggers over Christmas, keeping up my daily posting tradition even while in Costa Rica.

Oh, yes, and that Costa Rica trip that requires a passport which none of us have yet. Not that I'm at all freaked out about that.

For now, though, I need to chop some cilantro and make a salad. I had to laugh when Ben pointed out the bottled salad dressings at the grocery store.

Ew. These are gross.

Ben, not everyone makes their own dressing all the time.


Tomorrow everyone goes back to school- including Jeanine. I'll have my house to myself again. I can't wait.


Anonymous Laura said...

I took off Monday and Tuesday!!!

But I will be outside doing our decorating for the holidays...its kind of like a scene out of Christmas

7:54 PM  

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