Monday, December 10, 2007

Legos or Make Up

I'm sitting downstairs, working on a relationship piece for the New York Times, which is making me nuts. Too corny. Too honest. Not honest enough. More bite, less bite, oh, why the hell am I trying to write something for the New York Times???

Then I get to go through all the critic voices in my head- you suck, you can't write, you only get posted on your own blog because it's your own blog...

On and On. I feel like there are enough to have a small cocktail party. Serve some self-pity hors dourves- you know, something high fat, high calorie that tastes good for a minute then is too heavy and too rich.

And I hear Ben and Jake upstairs. Now, I should have noticed I had NOT been hearing Ben and Jake upstairs for a while but I was too busy beating myself into a pulp. I hear Jake say, Mom is going to KILL us.

Like a good hostess, I excuse myself from my pity party and say, WHY AM I GOING TO KILL YOU?

Giggles break out.


Well, Ben says as they start down the stairs, We put on some mascara.

They both pause mid staircase.

And eyeliner.

They both jumped the rest of the way to the landing.

Indeed, they got into the eyeliner and mascara.

Go wash it off, I said. And please put it away, it's not a toy.

Mind you, the only reason why I have eyeliner and mascara is for my once a year drag dress up party at Walter and Allan's house. Playing girl for a night.

I know. I'm pretty heavy handed with the eyeshadow.

They ran back up and laughed as they tried to wash the grease off their faces. I have to admit, Ben and Jake get along so seldom, I almost wanted to show them where the eyeshadow was kept.

After they were done, I heard Ben say to Jake, You know, we should probably stick to Legos instead of Makeup.

Yeah, Jake agreed, probably as easily and quickly as he did to the original suggestion to put the makeup on.

A quick reminder to all my critics sitting at the table- I might not be talented enough for the New York Times? But I have kids smart enough to know, Legos are a better idea than make up.


Blogger Ms. Moon said...

Wait! Are we related?

5:42 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

Why? Do you have pity parties on a daily basis, too?

or did you see the picture I just added??

5:44 PM  
Blogger Ms. Moon said...

Pity parties. Mostly.

But when I have to dress up for some damned event, I always say I feel like I'm in drag. And I'm sort of a girly-girl, too. But my favorite garments are men's cargo pants.
And come on! You dress up real purty, Miss Sara!

10:15 PM  
Anonymous donalld said...

what's going on. just yesterday you told me i couldn't use any "drag" pix of you in a post, and then you go posting one!! don't you just love getting all dolled up! i know i do. am sure ben was just dying to get into the makeup, and of course, jake would do anything for fun. and if you had a dress in the house, he might have wanted to try that out too!! LMAO

6:35 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

All my dresses (that would be one) are at Walter and Allan's. Except my Wonder Woman mini skirt.

Poor boy was walking around in my Pumas the other day telling me they were too girly for him to wear (as he wore them). I said I only had one pair of women's shoes.

Nice try.

He was disappointed.

7:20 AM  

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