Friday, January 18, 2008

Name Change?

I have been in serious conference with my blog hero, who will remain nameless. He says it's time to move the site to my own as in and to change the name.

Not to protect the innocent, though.

I'm coming up with a few, a few he came up with have already been taken, but I know suburban lesbian housewife is kind of a long, cumbersome title.

I need new, refreshing, exciting.

(Yes, I did just roll my eyes.)

Any help or suggestions are welcome!!


Blogger Ulla said...

I really think you should go with your name. In the long run you can use it for anything, while anything else may become dated or irrelevant. Who knows what direction your life and writing might take? If you move to an inner city, the suburban will look silly. You may not identify as a housewife one day. Who knows, you could fall for a man, maybe.
So stick with your name. And buy all the typo-domains as well: sarahwhitman sarahwitman etc. - to protect against typosquatters.
The best alternative is to choose something that is not your name, but void of meaning (like a name is), and short - comes to mind. Good luck with it...

3:14 AM  
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