Sunday, January 20, 2008

Red Carpet Party

The party was fabulous. This is a shot of Walter's centerpiece. The movie camera actually worked. I remembered all my words to my song and the finger cymbals were a hit.

I did feel pretty and I made an awesome Truman Capote. At least that's what everyone said to my face. The competition was fierce, Walter's Bjork was, in my opinion, the best outfit. I'll see if I can weasel out permission to post his photo.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow- as many as I'm allowed. It is, however, like Vegas- what goes on there, stays there.

For now? GO PATRIOTS!!!


Anonymous donald said...

you were a fabulous as truman! if my dolly parton was half as convincing, i would be happy! as always, it was great fun. kind of boring being back in maine!!

8:33 AM  

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