Monday, February 18, 2008

Vacation Week

Three boys. One Mom.

One week of vacation.

It all starts today.

Don’t cry for me, it was my choice. I could have gone to Florida to visit Jeanine’s family. I wanted to stay home with the kids.

And then I found out Jeanine was leaving for a game development conference for the WEEK in San Francisco. Walter and Allan are going to NYC for the ballet, tickets purchased long ago. Four parents and I’m here on my own.

It’ll be fun.

Last night, pizza, sodas and some video games. I watched the boys race Lamborghinis.

Ben taunted Zachary, Look, I’ll beat you to the mall...

Zachary simply kept to smashing into anything he could, as fast as he could.

Finally, we settled down to a movie.

Why is it my friend can get her 12 year old to watch "Planet of the Apes," a campy, somewhat culturally relevant movie and I’m stuck watching “Game Plan” with the Rock?

I played approximately 950 games of Russian Solitaire. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I did get teary when the little girl left her dad.

Today, I made them clean their rooms. I’m evil. No question about it.

I did threaten to take them out to North Adams for a night, to go to Mass MoCa. I love that museum.

They all howled, Noooooooooo.

Like I’m going to listen.

Ben asked to go to NYC instead. I said, I’d still take you to an art museum.

That’s okay.

I was puzzled till Walter explained, There is a three story Abercrombie and Fitch nearby.

Ah. I see.

Mass MoCa is a much better choice. Besides, they actually do like the place, even though they will never admit it. They love the permanent exhibit of the iron turds on the floor. Poop is a big hit. Second floor, all the way to the end, they know exactly where it is.

For the rest of today, though, we’re just going to chill.

I’m not that evil.

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Anonymous donald said...

enjoy the week! you can bring them downeast for a couple days if they get too bored! but, that will cost you, big time!! LOL

been annoying sue on her blog too. got tired of just picking on you!!

12:39 PM  
Blogger Suzy said...

You want three more? Its only monday and I am ready to kill.

Made sean go out with me to the barn and shovel horse poop. Told him to think of it as his workout in lew of lifting after school lol.


5:17 PM  
Anonymous marie said...

That's so random! I'm Australian, living in Brisbane, Australia. My partner is American, and when I lived in the States with her for a year we lived in Texas. Way away from Massachusetts. But I know where you are talking about when you mention Mass MOCA! My partner and I spent our first anniversary at Porches, this gorgeous inn across the road from the museum. We did mean to get in to the museum to take a look, but it was winter and raining/sleeting and the inn was so nice and warm to my sub-tropical self and it was our anniversary after all...

But it's very cool to actually KNOW what/where an American outside of Texas is talking about - not just know of - especially because North Adams is a pretty small town.

Hey, I had a really boring day at work. Small things make me happy.

I bet small things will make you happy too after a week alone with three boys. Like uninterrupted 'me time'. Good luck! :)

5:09 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

Marie, we always stay at the porches! the pool is heated year round and there is nothing like going to swim in a pool with snow all around.

they are like restless wolves right now.

9:28 AM  

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