Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rainy, Sad Day

What a miserable day.

It is pouring rain.

The kids had a two hour delay this morning which meant they were like restless dogs, circling, snarling but not shoveling.

Jake has a single tooth dangling by a thread that he will not let me yank. I swear he's going to swallow it. And I am NOT finding it for the tooth fairy if he does.

Clinton lost in three states yesterday and the Obama voters- there are many- in my life are starting to walk the confident and cocky walk.

Have I mentioned how much I hate to lose?


So time for some good news.

The good news is, my wife has been promoted to a new, major job at Berklee College of Music. She's an assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs. With the spanking new title, she gets an office on the Presidents floor, and a lot of other professional goodies, like a big raise. She went from part time teaching in 2004, to VP in 4 years. Not bad.

I'm very proud of her.

She's taking me out for Valentine's day tonight because we both know better than to go out on the actual day. I haven't seen her in days; I'm looking forward to some time to talk to her.

Oops. That was almost a negative.

My office is almost done. I only need to paint, and that's something I do so no one else is walking through my house daily.

And get a lock.

I got to talk about stocks and finance on Tuesday for hours. I loved it. Better than chocolate, an afternoon nap or a T Vine red wine. But I can't talk about the current news because it's all doom and gloom. I believe the word "painful" was used in almost every sentence about the outlook for 2008.

The wife is taking care of the valentine's the boys need to make, Walter is going to watch the boys tonight which means I get to miss 'taco night' yet again and my dog keeps my feet warm on days like today.

If Clinton loses, we will have a great candidate in Obama. Someone more than just the anti-candidate, like John Kerry. Someone to pull this country out of the mess we are in, move us forward.

I think personally that Clinton will be much better at doing that, but I'm sure after spending the first 100 days like a deer in headlights, Obama will begin to figure out what Clinton already knows how to do.

Anything but another 4 years of Republican, war-mongering bullshit.

There I go again. Can't help it. It's a rainy, sad day today.

And I hate to lose.

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Blogger Suzy said...

way to go jeanine. Tell madam vice pres congrats from the O'Brien Clan.

5:04 PM  
Blogger Christy said...

I'm sufficiently impressed with Jeanine's promotion! That must make you so proud!

I had someone harassing me yesterday about Clinton/Obama. I broke down and said, "I can vote for Obama. That's not the problem. I just want my candidate to win!" Yeah. I don't like to loose either.

5:32 PM  

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