Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Day Two, Summer Camp Finds the Groove

Today, after the plumber came and inspected the sewer pipe issue, we went to the beach. I find it amusing that now I need a full sized cooler to take the food for the day- and there are only four of us here.

Sandwiches, cherries, yogurts, chips, apples, muffins, sodas and ice water.

They still required a trip to Charlie's for french fries, hot dogs and, of course, clam strips.

While there was some mud slinging- literally, not figuratively- and a few time outs issued, the day was gorgeous. At one point we were all lined up on our towels, half snoozing. I realized they are all as tired as I am right now. The giant push to the end of the year is hard on them.

Tonight, sun soaked and fresh from showers, we're hanging out watching television. Much more along the lines of the kind of summer vacation I was thinking about.

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Anonymous Laura said...

going to the beach seems to make everything better.....

the sound of the ocean always calms me down and makes me feel human again....*sigh*

8:48 PM  
Anonymous donald said...

sounds like an eating frenzy on ogunquit beach!

hope denny was able to get the sewer line straigtened out!

sorry i will not be able to make it down for the weekend, but will end up with a house full here in cape split. hopefully the fog will go away!

5:30 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

I'm so happy for you and the kids.

Btw, I had a rule when I was a lifeguard: if you get me wet, you're benched (maybe on the beach, toweled).

How long? Until I'm dry.

6:29 AM  
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