Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Letter from Camp

Jake sent me my first news from Camp. Looks good to me.

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Anonymous donald said...

typical jake...always the artist!

nothing from zack yet huh? LOL

3:28 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

actually... he did send one today. He wrote:

Dear Momma Sara

Camp is great. I ahve been saying hi to Jake. I have seen Zander. I'm the highest swim tag and I signed up for sailing.

and I don't miss you.

love Zack


6:51 PM  
Anonymous donald said...

typical zack!!

7:06 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Since time runs backwards on blogs, it's time to say it again: road trip!

Zachary would love to have you show up for a visit. And maybe a little baby talk - coochy coo?

Seneca as in Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, Tuscarora and Mohawk?

The tribes around Pittsburgh had pretty much left by the time this George guy showed up, so we memorized the Iroquois nations.

8:14 PM  

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