Thursday, November 30, 2006

Boy's Night

Tonight is Thursday night. Boy’s night. Walter and Allan come over and watch the kids while Jeanine and I go to therapy.

Last night, after dinner, Jeanine left. I had the kids by myself. We read books by the fire.

The animals joined us.

Everyone had a bath or shower.

Everyone was in bed by 8:30pm. Lights out. Quiet night.

We were all calm.

Tonight, there will be a wild game of Veloci-Raptor. Chasing in the dark of the night, whipping tennis balls at each other. Using flashlights for “ hit points.” Tarzan yells for… well, the sake of yelling loudly.

I have cooked dinner for them although Walter is great about opening the refrigerator and making due. Two weeks ago that meant breakfast for dinner.

Jeanine and I are going on a date tonight. We haven’t fought for four straight days. I thought that deserved a celebration. A friend asked if I thought going to dinner was a good idea.

We love going out to dinner. Why?

Well… you can’t yell at each other in a theater.

True. But I feel pretty confident the armistice will hold. We will be able to talk to each other and when the hard subjects come up, we’ll make a mental note and take it to therapy next week. (Our therapist had the nerve to go on vacation this week.)

By the time we get back, all boys will be in bed.


Dirt will be removed from hands and face.


Dinner consumed.

Absolutely. If not by the kids, by Walter. The man leaves no leftovers. I can’t wait until the boys kick into teenage eating. I envision placing a platter of food down and watching the bits fly in the air.

Homework done.

A must before the game of Veloci-Raptor can start.

Boy’s night.

Date night.

Wonder who will have a better time?

Stay tuned…


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