Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Baseball or Civil Rights?

The boys are upstairs giggling wildly. Ben is reading the Cat in the Hat to the other two, adding a potty word or two.

Five more days of school. There is no controlling them.

Kevin Youkilis just scored a run on Manny’s base hit. The Sox are catching up.

We went out for dinner tonight. The boys talked about school- such a rare occurrence Jeanine and I sat quietly absorbing it all.

And tomorrow is the vote.

Will I have to fight for my right, again?

Will my right to marry go to a popular vote or will it be done forever.

A friend wrote me, “I’ll be crying if they finally put this puppy to bed.”

More than tears. I cannot even let myself imagine the relief.

Tomorrow, Zachary has a playoff baseball game. Jake, his final game. Ben, progress folio sharing.

I could be knee deep in an intense battle for civil rights by tomorrow afternoon.

Right now? I have to go tuck the kids in before the giggles get too rambunctious.

And hold my breath until tomorrow afternoon.


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