Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Boob Lady

While watching the Simpson’s movie last night, I leaned over to Jeanine and said, I do NOT want to become the “boob lady,” the character who is defined by her huge, sagging breasts.

Jeanine laughed. Oh, they’re not that big.

The truth is, I’m getting older. And things are heading south. My body is changing and there is nothing I can do to stop it. It’s time for root canals, eyeglasses and biopsies.

Yes. I have to go for a biopsy tomorrow morning. It’s nothing, I know, because the symptoms I have been having are about perimenopause. I know it’s just a precaution. I know I’m fine.

But I also know that everything is starting to crumble. My knees often ache and I have to take days off from running. The last time I had an eye exam, the doctor told me I was on the slippery slope to needing glasses- more than the reading glasses from Costco I have stashed in many places. I have yet to need a root canal but I know with fillings almost forty years old, it’s going to be time soon. These things can’t be helped. Nothing to be done but to learn to accept it gracefully.

And take all the precautions possible.

Part of getting older is great. A friend said to me the other day, Look… there are no grown ups around anymore! She’s right. We’re the grown ups. We’re in our forties and fifties and now is the time for our generation to take over and shine.

Part of getting older is hard. Friends are getting sick. Our parents are dying, and our children are getting old enough to have their own children. Our bodies show the years we’ve experienced in real lines and gray hair.

Don’t get me wrong- the lines in my face make me feel like a warrior sometimes. I find older women far more attractive than younger ones. I see strength in the wrinkles of an older woman’s hands, and wisdom in her crow’s feet. I’m more intrigued by what I will become; perfect skin and flat stomachs only remind me of what I was once.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to be happy the day my breasts touch my waist. I have my limits.

But it also means it is time to shine.


Anonymous Laura said...

I hear ya!

Things are "creeking" and aching that I didnt know existed.....

9:38 AM  

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