Monday, November 19, 2007

freezing adoration

Have you ever been stared at with adoration for six straight hours?

Today, driving to downeast Maine, I had my dog, my pal, my baby sit next to me in the truck and stare at me the entire way.

Okay, once in Ellsworth she did turn, but it was because we both saw our first moose in Maine- unfortunately it was a dead one on the side of the road with a police car and people around it.

She’s a great dog.

It is a little cold. Okay… more than a little cold, it’s fucking freezing. Using the outhouse at 30 degrees makes you wonder when your butt will actually stick to the plastic. No splashing, no matter what.

Allan, Walter and I are here with the dogs. Donald came over to hang out but the funny thing is, even though I offered for him to stay the night, he refused.

I think he said, something like, YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING.

This morning, Walter and I engaged in a little pissing contest about who could handle the cold. He told me they were going to stay at Donald’s and I replied I’d tell him who was the butch in the family? Call me a princess because I use cloth napkins?

He replied, I'll show you who is the most butch. I'll sleep on the rock in front of the house, with just a handkerchief and a soft rock for a pillow.
Beat that missy miss.

I said something about no handkerchief, I’d wear the fur and dodge bullets while I slept, with no soft rocks.

The reality? The living room, with a roaring fire is 58 degrees. My bedroom is about 40.

But I have a dog that adores me. Endlessly.

More tomorrow when my fingers aren’t too frozen to type.


Anonymous donald said...

i'm sure neither of you slept on the rocks. you're both sissys!! LOL

geeez, give up my warm bed and watching the end of monday night football for a sleepover. what WAS i thinking?? and, i believe there was an expletive in that "you gotta be kidding" comment.

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

My cat (Bear) looks at me like that - I love it. Drives Deb nuts.

I think she is jealous of him! (ROFL)

When we get in bed at night BOTH of them jockey for position for who is closest to me! - Bear usually wins!

We had snow yesterday.....its WAAAAY to early to start this crap. Im ready for summer to come back.

Have a great time - try to stay warm.

8:47 AM  
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