Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Dip for Big Money

We were all up in Downeast Maine this weekend, celebrating Walter's birthday with lots of steamers, mussels, lobsters and perhaps a couple alcoholic beverages. There were 18 in all, piled around an outside table quickly dipping our steamers into the butter so it wouldn't return to a solid.

I know. It's hard work but someone has to do it.

One of the kids suggested a certain amount of money just might get them to jump in the icy water. As those few alcoholic beverages will do, a brave adult soul said, I'll do it for 50 bucks.

Allan, you really only had half a beer at that point.

Donald quickly said he'd do ten, I said I'd do ten... And then Allan said, I'll jump in for No on One. Whatever is raised, I'll give to the campaign. Within five minutes, we had 120 bucks.

And Allan, did in fact, jump in.

All for a good cause, he went in all the way. Because we're all pretty tight with a dollar, we had to see the head go under the water.

I'm going to ask that everyone jump in. Please. Between now and October 15th, the money needed for the last stretch of this campaign must be raised. Anything after that, while useful, isn't nearly as useful. The right wing is calling Maine "ground zero" and well, enough of that. It's not ground zero, just the water is about zero degrees.


Please leave me a note so I can tell Allan how much his dip raised overall- because the man deserves more than 120 bucks for his heroic efforts. Besides, it sure beats having to run 10K or walk 26 miles yourself.

You want to know what that money buys? Here's a list:

$10,000 * 1 day statewide television buy

*$8,800* 25,000 pieces of literature to ensure our supporters vote the
correct way

*$7,500 * 1,000 2'x4' road signs to put in high traffic areas for visibility

*$6,000 * will pay for needed turn out calls to 12,000 supporters

*$5,250* 1/2 day statewide television buy

*$4,000* will pay for needed turn out calls to 8,000 supporters

*$3,300 *we can blanket the state with radio ads for 3 days

*$2,800* we could hire 1 full time field organizer

*$2,300* gives supporters rides to polls around 4 key campuses

*$2,000* we can blanket the state with radio ads for 2 days

*$1,800* will pay for needed turn out calls to 3,600 supporters

*$1,600* pays for 4 field organizers for 1 week

*$1,200* will cover literature for one key precinct on Election Day

*$1,000* we can blanket the state with radio ads for 1 day

*$800 * pays for one field organizer for a week

*$720 * would fund 20 canvasses in key counties around the state on a

*$550 * pays for one channel of cable for a day

*$420* pays for one much needed field organizer for a week

*$330* is 2 radio commercials to beat back their lies

*$210* pays for 70 $3/day cell phones to talk to targeted voters

*$186 * about the cost of 1 radio commercial

*$137* will buy supplies for 4 door-to-door canvasses

*$108* buys about 100 yard signs for visibility

*$72* will pay for signage for visibility for one weekend on a targeted

*$66 *pays for about 20 $3/day cell phones to talk to targeted voters

*$54* buys 50 yard signs for visibility

*$36* will fund supplies for one door-to-door canvass

*$24* buys 20 yard signs for visibility

Please contribute, even if it's what you'd spend on coffee this week. Everything counts.

And then we'll ask Allan why on earth he had brought his swimsuit with him for Columbus day in Downeast.


Blogger Sara said...

and to kick it off, I'm doubling the party's amount... making the donation now...

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Morgan said...

I'm in for fifty yard signs!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous donald said...

he didn't bring his bathing suit, it is always here. what a great time, glad he volunteered to take the plunge.

put up my yard sign and voted today. i will be traveling back from PA on election day, after visiting mom for a week. should get to ogunquit just in time for the big celebration party, i hope. not only is maine ground zero, hopefully it is the end of the line for all this hatred bullshit!

i am mildly optimistic, every straight person i have talked to is supporting us, and they are talking with their friends about it. our straight allies will be the ones that have to make the difference.

3:04 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

donald, I think I need to write a why maine is smarter than CA blog.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

a friend's aunt lynn, who lives is addison, donated $25 to no on one for allan's dip, but didn't know how to let you know.

an update from donald... woooo! overall, the contributions on actblue totaled 1,125,000 as of 11pm last night.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous donald said...

as it turns out, i got it wrong, lynn and her partner are friends of john's aunt. it all adds up!

11:25 AM  

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