Monday, January 18, 2010

Down to the Wire: Coakley vs. Brown

I took the kids to the Obama rally yesterday. Yeah, they were really happy about that. Actually, we had the chance to meet the President and they all willingly put on ties and suits.

It was the President after all.

Even Ben, Mr. I am not impressed by anything, was impressed. Mom... you know all these people?

Some. Yes.


Walking up to the Cabot Center, where the President was speaking, there was a small contingency of Scott Brown supporters. For the three to four thousand folks lined up to get into the event for Obama, there were maybe 100 people lined up on the other side of Huntington Ave. We all walked through the Brown crowd, to get to the crosswalk. I felt like I was back at an abortion clinic, all those years ago.

Ben leaned over to me and said, Mom, all these people are white. Every one of them.

Indeed, they were. White men, mostly, from 20 to 60. Some women, mostly older. Signs with fetus' on them were in the crowd. I found it fascinating that it was mostly about abortion- not teh gays- and health care.

But there weren't that many of them, compared to those attending the Coakley event. Unfortunately, the way Huntington Ave is designed at that point, the T runs down the middle, with barriers, and you cannot simply cross the street.

This is awkward, Ben said to me.

Just smile, I said.

At the event, we heard Menino, Markey, Patrick, Capuano, Kerry, Vicki Kennedy, and then the President. In a packed room, you could hear a pin drop. We still love our President in Massachusetts. I was worried about that. Unfortunately, it gave space for a antiabortion heckler to stand up and start shouting. The crowd drowned him out with shouts of Martha! Martha! Once he was removed, the room quiet again, a young girl started with the same stuff.

Seems they made the trip from California to let the President know they were opposed to abortion. Just one more right that could be up for grabs if Brown wins.

The polls are all over the place. Last one read? Brown is up 51 to 46. And it's suppose to snow tomorrow. Not good.

I don't want to have to fight for abortion rights all over again. It was an old, bad feeling going through that crowd. Smiling at people who sneer at you, knowing they love their superiority over your going to hell soul. You want to argue but you can't because you're afraid, physically, of what would happen.

It's a deep division. As Capuano said yesterday, the right always uses guns, god and gays to divide the country. My god is better than yours, and hates you, he said, instead of the real work of congress- health care, education, the economy.

In a little over twenty four hours, the results will start to trickle in. I do believe if we get enough voters to the actual polling place, we will win. Massachusetts has not undergone a personality change.

I hope.


Anonymous cbc said...

i hate it when we remind my in-laws voting this guy could be a disaster for our family (2 moms, 1 kid)
.. and they say-- oh-- it won't happen- like we're just making this sh!t up and worrying about nothing at all!

2:18 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

but you are not making it up. Brown has been anti-lgbt his whole career and very proud of it.

anti marriage. see... it's a guy like this people hide behind and claim they want "lower taxes" when in fact, he'll hike them up, because they do agree with the social agenda.

it's scary to me.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous cbc said...

i know we're not making it up. it is particularly bothersome that parents of a gay daughter with a wife and child are more worried about obamacare (pick your conservative issue, they're repubs) than they are with the well-being of their kid and grandkid.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:40 AM  
Blogger Rev. Bob said...

Fingers crossed.

Next time let's not be scared. Let's scare them. And for God's sake, lets send progressives to school and teach them how to run a damn campaign.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:42 PM  
Anonymous Morgan said...

Mom... you know all these people?

Well, you know, you are 'only a blogger'.

8:09 PM  

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