Monday, March 02, 2009

More Snow


More snow.

I am beginning to really hate snow.

After a marathon conference call today, I went out to clear the sidewalk. The boys had done the walk to the house, walk to the garage, the back deck... they did good. My lovely amazing neighbor had done the driveway with our shared snow blower.

He is a good man.

But the sidewalk is how the kids get to school. My younger two walk and so, I clear ours, and our other neighbors because they don't have kids and don't really care if it's impassable.

I do.

Now, Ulla, I know you're going to say, be grateful you have a snow blower. I am. But the snow had started to freeze up, not to mention the piles of heavy road blech left from the street plows.

I could barely get the thing to go through it. And yes, I'm still very sore from the other day. Ever try pushing a blower with one hand?

Halfway through, I run out of gas. Great.

While I'm standing at the pump, Ben calls.

Mom, where are you?

I told you I was getting gas.

Can you go to Tango Mango and get me a burrito?

I didn't yell. I laughed. You have got to be kidding.


No. There is plenty in the refrigerator.

What about fried chicken?


And I hung up. I didn't want to be asked for a pack of gum from the gas station.

So while I am out of the doghouse, and don't think I actually broke anything, I am sick of snow.

No more. Please.

And no burrito runs either.


Anonymous donald said...

even though we are still 3 weeks away from spring, and there will undoubtedly be more snow, it is new england you know, on sunday we will switch over to daylight savings time. to me, the light at the end of the day goes a long way in making me feel there is light at the end of the snow tunnel! hang in there!

and be glad you weren't without power all afternoon. brrrrrrr

6:11 PM  
Anonymous lez zorba said...

ok - the tango mango comment... perfect!

6:25 PM  
Blogger Ulla said...

Am I that grumpy? :-)
Well, I guess I have to live up to expectations. No private citizens have snow blowers here in Denmark. We shovel and scrape it away. But we haven't had any real snow for at couple of years now, and those of us who have kids miss it. Sledding is such an innocent and cheap way to have fun.
And in Denmark schools do not close no matter how much snow there is. I mean: If the grown-ups are expected to go to work, how can the kids be unable to get to school?

5:29 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

I like the idea that schools are always open. but in America, we are a lawsuit lovin' nightmare and schools don't dare risk it.

do you all walk uphill in the snow ten miles to school to?

8:25 AM  
Blogger Sue J said...

Very icy sidewalks on my way in to the office this morning -- thought of your elbow the entire way!

(I was sure karma would bite me in the butt for my comment yesterday!)

8:45 AM  
Blogger Ulla said...

Not TEN miles, but how about two? That was what my husband did as a child - he lived in the country, and no matter what the weather they transported themselves from the age of nine, in high snow or on icy roads.
In cities it's no problem. The schools are generally close to your home. Anybody can walk half a mile or a mile in a city street even if there is snow on the sidewalk.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Ulla said...

I got that it was joke, though :-)
If you are that fond of sueing, can't you sue for endangerment or something if a child is home alone and is scalded by warm cocoa? If the school had been open, that would never have happened, etc.?

11:51 AM  
Blogger Rev. Bob said...

We used to dream of Tango Mango.

Some friends of mine and I actually did walk 10 miles uphill to school in the snow. We missed the school bus and thought staying home would be too boring. Everywhere is uphill in Pittsburgh.

How far do you want to send Ben to school? I looked at Cascia Hall in Tulsa. OMFG are those kids white. It was founded by the Order of St. Augustine, so you can tell Ben it's in Florida.

A snow hint: calcium carbide. Sprinkle it on the walk, It's black so a little snow will melt. CaC2 plus water generates acetylene. Light it on fire which melts more snow. Eventually you run out of calcium carbide, but a snow covered driveway on fire is amazing.

12:49 PM  

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