Saturday, February 21, 2009

Turned Corners

Zachary and Jake come home from camp today. I can't wait to see them and hear all about their adventures.

Ben admitted yesterday that being an only child was lonely. He missed his brothers. He actually missed them so much he went with Jeanine to pick them up.

Go figure.

I think we turned some corners this week. It's not perfect and we'll still have a ruckus tonight at some point. I understand a lot more about what Ben needs right now.

A lot of love, freedom and firm boundaries.

A friend called today and, in regard to another issue, likened the experience to being on an airplane. There are those who have bought a ticket and are sitting and there are those driving the plane.

Everyone needs to land safely.

Ben is in his seat but ready to drive the plane. In time, he will. It's hard to stay seated until the plane comes to a complete stop. And until you land on a river and survive, it's hard to appreciate what goes on in the cockpit.

We'll all get there.

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