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The “Call” at Qualcomm Stadium- Translation Needed!

Can someone please tell me where in the Bible Jesus spoke tongues? Because they are babbling away at Qualcomm Stadium today in his name.

Personally, I don’t think Jesus was a freak like the group filing in to protect marriage against the end of times- equal rights to all.

After hours of fasting, folks filed into Qualcomm Stadium boasting of 70,000 people were on their way to fight the evils of Equality in the state constitution.

Try 7,100, tops.

Even the Knights of Columbus did a solemn march to the event.

Where were their funny little cars?

When the going gets tough, the tough does great video editing to make it look full. It wasn’t. Although there were folks milling into the press box speaking tongues.

I guess that’s because they were hungry and the press had pizza.

I wonder where God is on this debate about treating people as different and taking away their rights. I don’t believe in God. I wish I could sometimes but I don’t.

But for those who do, I have to ask- do you think God would be nasty? Hateful? So many parts of the Bible focus on being kind, helping one another, and justice. I mean, the Jews got kicked all over the desert, and I don’t think God liked that.

Jesus, was after all, Jewish.

I wonder about all those people going to church. I walked up to the Grace Cathedral earlier. It’s a beautiful building, obviously built with a great deal of passion.

There is a Keith Haring AIDS Chapel altarpiece. It is a welcoming space. Even as an atheist I feel a sense of belonging. Maybe it’s because I’m in the heart of San Francisco and everywhere feels welcoming to me. I’m asked my gender preference- sir or miss- respectfully.

I guess those Christians have different rules than other Christians. It’s very confusing as an outsider. The Evangelicals think their version is it. The Catholics, theirs, and the Episcopal’s are more forgiving but they think they are right.

And we haven’t even hit the Protestants.

I wonder how this fits into legal rights because last I looked there is a separation of church and state. If marriage is all about religion then government should not recognize it.

End of discussion.

I walked the labyrinth. I might not be religious but I can be quietly spiritual. As I moved through it I kept thinking, what kind of person hates so deeply? I have been angry with people in my life- furious in fact. But hate, as I tell my kids, is a powerful emotion that only hurts you.

Never the other person.

I’m not sure that’s really true. I am hurt by the hate. I see myself as incredibly average. I write part time, I stay home with my kids, and I do all the suburban housewife activities. Nothing out of the ordinary, to be honest.

Yet all those swaying, crying, singing, dancing folks out in San Diego today are preparing to “defeat” me. To save the world against my kind.

I wonder… who will save us against them?

It’s ironic because I cannot even imagine taking away their rights to babble on, or to hold a gathering in a stadium, or their right to be recognized as equal citizens. I don’t agree with them, they basically scare me, but I still believe they have rights.

Why can’t they practice the Golden Rule? Would they want me to organize to take away their rights?

Vote No on Prop. 8 in California this Tuesday and maybe they’ll all go have some dinner and settle down. Realize they are a part of a diverse state, with many people of many different religions.

Rights are rights and, as the California Courts ruled, one group cannot be discriminated against simply because another group doesn’t like them.

It’s the same in every language- even tongues.

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Blogger Jennifer said...

Jesus rode a donkey.

I'm heading to a rally of the faith communities opposed to Prop 8 in Fresno...about three hours from you. $10 says if you mention the "F" word to anybody around you they'll roll their eyes and throw up a little...hard to blame them. The rally starts at 2p but we all have to get there early, the local fundies are planning to crash the rally (in front of City Hall, no less) and crowd us out of our space.

I expect lots of speaking in tongues, actually - screaming in tongues.

Should be pretty fun, will have pictures/video later.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Ms. Moon said...

That was a beautiful, beautiful piece.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems funny to me that you seem to think you have such wisdom on the things of God. He made us us, He created us. Yes you talk about Oh shouldnt God be this god of love and mercy and surely He is. He also destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for being a perverted generation. The Bible says God hates evil, he likens the Christian church to a bride and He is the bridegroom. How dare the gay communities pervert everything God is. God said in the end times men would have feeling for men and women for women fullfilling there perverted lusts dishonoring their own bodies who changed the Word of God into a lie. God is very clear about homosexuality. That is probably why you chose not to know Him. I am a christian and it is not an easy walk, I dont do what the flesh dictates I do what my heavenly Father says. He says "one day every knee will bow" and that includes yours, He says "heres life, heres death, chose one. And He is so loving He sent His only begotten son for whosoever would believe in should have everlasting life (with Him in heaven), because YOU will live eternally and YOUR choice of accepting Him will just determine where that will be, HEAVEN OR HELL. The choice is yours. I will be praying for you.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Morgan said...

Anon - In your Christian belief that God send his only begotten son to earth that we should have everlasting life through Him, you have failed to point out that Jesus threw out the teachings of the Old Testament for Christians. These laws pertain to the Jewish faith. Even with that you have successfully distorted these teachings with the rhetoric of your "religion". Thank you for the prayers. I, too, will be praying for you. Mat. 7:1-5.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Suzy said...

crap I had a good response and it didn't publish. Damn this bad memory. I think I said I too believe in a loving and caring God and have searched for a church that teaches that. Morgan makes a good point that thur Jesus pretty much everything in the old testament was updated. Every "religon"(sorry for the quotation marks) I have checked out or joined interprets the bible to suit them. I can quote the same scriptures but with different meaning to me. God is the one and only judge and I will face him when the time comes but any man that thinks they can tell someone what God thinks and feels about any thing is a pompous ass. God created us all and loves us all unconditionally. But even so and Sara has been making this point all along, IT HAS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGON ANYWAY ITS A CIVIL MATTER. You can continue to spread your hate and condemnation but what you or I believe religiously has nothing to due with this issue at all. I myself am not homosexual and can't even imagine the pain that this is putting people through. Do unto others as you would have done onto you, treat others as you would wish to be treated simple words learned in kindergarten. I too , like morgan pray for you and hope the hate in your heart can be healed.
P.s the only christian info email I got all through this muck of an election pretty much said vote your conscience. I am going to do just that.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not a civil rights issue. How dare you put your issue equal to the minorities. Its a moral issue. I am black and HOW DARE YOU!!!!

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Morgan said...

Dare I will. It's your moral issue, therefore you believe it's a religious issue. It's civil rights and proven as such by the lack of protection by law. And your push to take away my civil rights is immoral.

3:01 PM  
Blogger paul said...

For those interested in a rational versus emotional argument on why SSM is bad for society see:

4:18 PM  
Blogger Romans 1:16 said...

Suburban housewife: you stated: "I wonder where God is on this debate about treating people as different and taking away their rights."

In Romans ch 1 verse 26-32
makes it very clear on the rights GOD ALMIGHTY thinks perversion has and very clearly states that homosexuality is a sin!! In ch 2 verse 5- 11 also states that the Lords WRATH is coming to those who reject the TRUTH,(THE BIBLE), GODS ways and continue to live in sin! So that also answers the question:

"But for those who do, I have to ask- do you think God would be nasty? Hateful?"

He would be very hateful of the sinful life not of the sinner! We as christians dont hate the gays and lesbians we hate the fact that they live a sinful life and no sin should be tolerated, excepted, and looked upon as a right! God also refers to homosexuality as unnatural! And if he refered to it as that i dont think HE at any point of HIS creation, gave anyone the right to change what IS natural!!

As in refrence to the rest of your writings, all, by the way your ideas and thoughts on whats right, not the creator's, I simply say JESUS is "THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE no one comes to the FATHER except through me."

Therefore wont understand GODS ways without JESUS CHRIST being your personal LORD and SAVIOUR

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Andy said...

First off I want to say when I mention the word "gay" I don't mean anything derogative or anything like that, all I mean to say is the homosexual community. I want to start off by saying that I agree that a lot of the Christian population has made this issue into a hateful thing (im not talkin about TheCall, just those people who hate gays) which is wrong, but if something tastes wrong with the meat you don't start with the meat itself, you must first see if there is enough salt (credit: Moreland). What I mean by this is although a lot of Christians haven't done there part on showing Christ love when it was needed it doesn't mean that whatever they weren't showing love about is necesarilly morally correct. The heart of this issue really lies in the concept of morality. For those who say it is not a moral issue should really research the main debates about this whole issue to realize that it is; a lot of the arguments the gay community has used against people who impose this issue say things like "what is right for you works for you but maybe not for me." This is such a misunderstood concept within our society about what morality is. Morality has turned into a relative thing in which everyone decides what is right and wrong for themselves. There is a huge problem with this though and that problem is it doesn't work. If this was the case then who has the right to say anything is wrong or right? Who is anyone to tell someone else that killing is wrong or that stealing is wrong? This whole relative morality thing isn't a matter of pick and choose, you cant just pick and choose what morals are relative and which ones should be agreed on by everyone, it just doesn't work that way. If this was the case then there is no difference between Jeffrey Dauhmer and Mother Teresa as long as they were happy with what they did just like the gay community is happy with what they are doing (I'm not saying the gays are like Jeffrey Dauhmer, I'm just comparing the concepts). On this note we must understand where morality comes from. Morality does indeed come from the Bible and is what this country was founded on, so many concepts about our country's history have come from biblical teachings, everything from our rights to our government system. As soon as abortion and gay rights are permitted who knows what else is going to start becoming legalized, soon after this marriage thing is over someone might start fighting for 3 way marriages or something like that. Morality does come from somewhere, if it doesn't then don't judge someone else if they kill your loved one, to them it might have been the right thing in their mind. Moving onto the issue of the attributes of God I think most people have a hard time understanding that God is both a God of love and wrath for when the time calls for it. When Jesus died on the cross some of the old testament laws were no longer necessary because there were no more sacrificies needed to be made. On this note some laws stopped at the cross while most of the others passed through. Homosexuality wasn't really an issue back in the days of Jesus so that is why there is not much about it as there is in the old testament. The Jewish people knew this was wrong and didn't debate it just like they wouldn't debate killing, stealing, etc... God is a loving God and he does love everyone including homosexuals, but it doesn't mean that he loves the sins we engage in. If you think the wrath part of God stopped when Jesus came then I strongly suggest reading the book of Revelation and realize how God is going to judge the Earth in the end times. Do not just read scripture without reading it in context, do not make accusations that God is ONLY love when he also contains a wrathful side as well. Don't just pick and choose scriptures and take them out of context so that it can back-up what you are trying to debate.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do know that God has a wrathful side that he used quite often in the old testment.
Todays ills are man made. Not homosexual made.

I know gay and lesbian couples who follow the same laws and rules I do and have families just like me.

Its a moral issue for you its a civil issue for me.

In the USA every citizen should get equal rights under the law. Sorry anonomyns that you feel insulted by what I am saying but you should understand the injustice here.

romans you are an exception that you look at the sin and hate that but not the person, but there are alot of people out there who don't seperate the two.

We can quibble back and forth about what we all believe but what it comes down to is everyone is entitled to an opinion and in most cases you just have to agree to disagree and let it end there not turn it into hate and violence against the other person.

Like I said before I am going to vote my conscience.

and paul the page you have to visit is your version of rational.


8:09 PM  
Anonymous Andy said...

so what your basically saying is that the ultimate morality is "hate and violence" where do u get this from? how do u know this is the ultimate concern? what if someone else feels different about this and thinks that hate and violence is the way to go? who is to judge him if we are not allowed to judge what right and wrong is? this type of thinking has so many bullet holes in it because most people have a hard time accepting certain issues over others so they just try to use the ones they have a hard time seeing as right (like killing) and say that everyone does agrees that this is wrong when in reality there are people out there who don't think killing is wrong. There has to be a set of rules to follow or else people are just going to change what morality was originally intended to be and completely distort it, sooner or later we're gonna be able to do much more drastic things and people are just gonna justify it by saying "well this is how it is for you and this is how it is for me". This type of thinking will just lead the country down the drain... just watch... not many civilizations last past 300 years, I don't think just cause its the mighty U.S. that we are any different. We can fall like anyone else.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yours was a thoughtful post- I apologize for the anger and ignorance of a couple of the Christians who posted earlier. This is a tricky issue for Christians and it is too easy to blindly assume God thinks something by, to use words of another post, "picking a choosing" which verses to believe. Indeed even the Christians that don't think they are doing that ARE, as we choose which "time bound" commands to ignore from Jewish past, like hair, women speaking in public etc. (BTW, whoever posted that the Old Testament was made irrelevant by Jesus was not actually correct: Jesus said he came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. Meaning that He came to show us the heart of God, but the God of the Old Testament didn't get nulified. Same God, but easier to understand His heart through Jesus, who loved EVERYONE and said the most important thing in life was to Love God, and Love your neighbor as yourself.)

I am a Christ follower- just wanted to apologize for the hatred, and tell you God loves you just as much as any of us Christians.


8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow.. you are so right. These are great thoughts Sara. Thanks for sharing.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

the bottom line is? I think they are all nutty idiots out at the stadium that day.

and I would never take their rights away.

why take mine?

it is a civil rights issues. I am a person denied rights. marriage is recognized by the government therefore I should have access to it.

or stop all government recognition.

because there is a separation between church and state. wake up and read the constitution.

and I don't believe in God. in this country, I don't have to.

real christians? they have this funny way of being able to believe and follow what Jesus said- all that crazy stuff about being nice to everyone.

and I hope you don't wear linen or eat shrimp because THAT IS AN ABOMINATION.

9:27 PM  

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